I’ve been reviewing presentations that I saw down at Central Ohio Day of .NET. This morning, as I started putting my handwritten notes into slides, I realized that this will be my first public presentation using slides.

My past talks to groups and presentations typically involved demos and interaction with the audience or sitting on a panel and relaying notes from our project throughout that week. Seeing as I was in front of a Linux crowd for my user group presentations, using PowerPoint wouldn’t have been a good idea. It was bad enough that they tormented me for not sticking with one operating system and for volunteering on MSN Gaming Zone; I didn’t need to give them any more Microsoft ammo. I could have used the OpenOffice equivalent (Impress) but I didn’t really find slides to be that useful. Most of the group knew me – the token girl at the Linux group – so the only slides I would’ve used would have been for my presentation title and for the resources at the end. Why bother writing slides for those when the resources would be posted on the user group site?

As much as I want my Cleveland Day of .NET presentation to be like that, the more I look at my notes, the more I realize that I may have to use slides. Now granted, not everyone works from slides and not all presentations lend themselves to slides. Matt Casto was creative enough to put his project to work – he did his presentation in his Silverlight app with XAML slides. As much as I’d want to put my IronPython project to work and let Merlin do all the talking, it won’t be going down like that. I’ll definitely be in PowerPoint presenter mode, but have no fear, the speaker in me doesn’t like letting my audience stay quiet, so I will definitely encourage audience participation.

Two weeks to go until the big event… if you haven’t registered, get to our site and register. If you have any issues with OpenID while trying to sign up, feel free to contact me at sarah at codinggeekette dot com and I’ll work with you on getting you signed up. I hope to see you there!

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