CG’s CodeMash Countdown: Ruby and IronRuby

My buddy Russ from work was one of the first people to mention Ruby to me. He was all excited about this language, and his excitement definitely got me a little curious. Within a few months after hearing it from Russ, I heard about it from Joe, Corey, and Mike. I was curious to hear more about it, and when I saw that we had Joe O’Brien coming to Cleveland Day of .NET 2008, I figured I’d check his “Why Ruby?” talk out. I didn’t really look into it on my own because it seemed like “everybody’s doing it”. Unfortunately, I was busy in that first session, allocating swag and making sure things were running smoothly, so I didn’t get a chance to see Joe’s talk. To this day, I have yet to catch it, but he’s one I’d like to hear more from on it.

There is a .NET implementation of the language called IronRuby. Mike Letterle happened to get into it, and whenever I want to find out more about IronRuby, I know that he’d be the guy to ask. If he isn’t around, then I’d get in touch with Carey Payette, as she’s also tinkered around with IronRuby.

So today’s CodeMash countdown languages are Ruby and IronRuby.

Language: Ruby

Language: IronRuby

Where will these be seen at CodeMash?


  • Precompiler Event: Ruby 101 with Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien
  • Ruby Desktop Application Framework, presented by Lance Carlson
  • What? Threads Are Hard?, presented by Jim Weirich
  • Ruby Isn’t Just About Rails, presented by Adam Wiggins
  • Developing JoeMetric for the iPhone, presented by Joe O’Brien
  • Testing Rails, presented by Joe O’Brien


  • IronRuby In The Real World, presented by Michael Letterle

Where can I learn more about Ruby and IronRuby?

If you’re looking for people who eat, breathe, and sleep Ruby or IronRuby, check out the following blogs: Jim Weirich, Joe O’Brien, and Michael Letterle.

Other sites to check out include: Ruby Revival, Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide, and Justin Etheredge’s posts on IronRuby.

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