Browser Wars? Turf Wars? Why?

While talking with one of my cubemates last week, he mentioned this article about Google aligning with the EU in the Microsoft antitrust case. The more I see the complaint that Microsoft is bundling Internet Explorer in Windows, the more I have to wonder why that’s really an issue.

What’s next? A lawsuit against Microsoft for including Paint in their operating system? Oh no… Adobe’s Photoshop is going to be put out of business by the latest incarnation of Paint! What about including Wordpad? I’d hate to see Word Perfect or Lotus Ami Pro get obsoleted by such a simple text editor. Let’s go after Microsoft for including their own software in their operating system.

Seriously, this seems ridiculous. Apple apparently includes their Safari web browser in their Mac OS, otherwise why would they list it under Mac OS X’s features? Ubuntu comes with Mozilla by default. Then there’s the K Desktop Environment (commonly known as KDE) with Konqueror. Do I need to continue?

Why is it such an issue when a software giant like Microsoft includes their browser in their own operating system, but it isn’t a big deal with a giant like Apple includes their browser in their operating system? Am I seriously missing something here (strictly looking at the browser complaint – not the antitrust case in general)?

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