My First MVP Summit

This week, I am in Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond for the Microsoft MVP Summit.  It’s so surreal being here – I couldn’t have imagined what this would be like.  The MVP Summit is truly a meeting of the minds, where we can collaborate with other experts, product teams, and team leads.  If we have any feedback on programs or products, provided we provide it to the right person, we know that our feedback is getting to the right place and is truly being heard.  The product teams and the program managers really do care about their products and programs – they’re just like most of us.  We don’t want to put out software with major issues.  We want our end users to be able to use our products and appreciate the services that we may provide.  The Microsoft product teams and program managers are that way as well.  So if something isn’t working well or something can be improved, we can offer constructive criticism, and they appreciate it and can take it into consideration.

This has definitely been a great experience!

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