CodeMash Precompiler Morning Thoughts


Sitting in the web automation and Selenium precompiler run by Adam Goucher at CodeMash this morning, I was super giddy to see multiple languages being mentioned – PHP, Python, and Ruby so far.  I am very thankful for my natural affinity for languages.  While I may not have experience with some languages (these languages excluded), I have the great ability to follow the logic and pick up the syntax from code.

Selenium looks like it can be very useful for what I do, being a web developer.  I’d be curious to see how to get it working with Silverlight, as it really hasn’t been done.  

I really like the idea of Selenium Grid, with the distributed execution abilities.  To be able to test multiple browsers over multiple machines… this can be awesome! Having to support so many different browser/OS configurations, it would be beneficial to have a grid of computers to handle all that testing at once.  While I really like my QA guy, I really like him.  I don’t want to have to bombard him with “Can you test this site in all of these configurations?” -it would be great to have a grid to just run the testing on my own.

Selenium 2’s standard server will by default be running on a grid of 1.  Selenium Grid will no longer be a separate product. Selenium 2 is a merging of Selenium and WebDriver projects.  The best analogy that Adam came up with is that Selenium 2 is similar to Grover’s “Near/Far” skit – there’s a near part and a far part (Remote WebDriver).  Can’t wait to try out Selenium 2 and see if I can make it work for my .NET projects!


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