CodeMash 2015 Recap, Part 3 – One Last Talk…

My family arrived Thursday evening, just as I had finished my History of Women in Tech talk, so I figured I wouldn’t get to see anything on Friday.  I didn’t want to look at the talks list for Friday, as I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment.  But as I had mentioned in an earlier post, Fiddler is my favorite web debugging tool, so when I saw that there was a talk about it on Friday, a part of me hoped to escape from family obligations to catch it.  My husband and I talked Thursday night, and we were going to do everything we could to make this happen. As luck would have it, my youngest was teething and tired so I took him in my carrier and went to catch this talk.

Lucking In, the Fiddler Story with Eric Lawrence

I really enjoyed catching Eric’s story about lucking in and taking his passion for Fiddler and turning it into a career.  Personal and professional stories abound made this presentation really interesting.  After telling stories, he included words of advice.  These are the ones that stick out the most:

* Do things that TERRIFY you.  Get out of your comfort zone.  You’d be surprised what you’re capable of.

* Be curious.

* Care. Genuinely care about your end users.

I’m glad I was able to catch most of Eric’s story before my teething 9 month old woke up.  It was very enlightening to hear his adventures with Fiddler (and his past life of being a PM at Microsoft in charge of Clip Art… clip art?!? 🙂  ).

CodeMash 2015 Conclusions

I saw many interesting talks this year at CodeMash, and if their talk selection is any indicator of the year ahead, we’re going to see a plethora of awesome talks at upcoming events.  It seems like all the communities are abuzz, and security seems to be the theme for 2015.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to give my talks at CodeMash 2015.  My audiences were very enjoyable and responsive, which made it that much easier to give my talks.  It was great getting all sorts of feedback, and I hope to be able to deliver these talks at future events as well.

We’ll see what 2015 brings for me personally – I’m hoping that I can tap into the excitement of CodeMash and run with it!

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