Résumé Reviews

This week, I am working on résumé reviews for my apprentices.  It’s interesting, as they’re getting feedback with regards to content and layout.  I’m curious to see what others have to say.

These are some of the things I usually advise:

  • Put your skills in a section up top.  This section makes it easier to get past the Buzzwords Bingo that HR seems to play in an HR screening.  It also makes it easier for an overworked hiring manager to filter out candidates.
  • If you have a career change, don’t be quick to discard the previous experience.  While it may seem irrelevant, there are people skills, soft skills, and general business skills that are most likely relevant.
  • Only put content on there that you feel comfortable being questioned about.  If I as a hiring manager see “Dependency Injection” in your skill set, I will ask you about it, especially if I suspect you aren’t strong on it.  You never know if it’s an HR person or a hiring manager reading it – so be prepared for questions from both ends.
  • Don’t list your GPAs unless you are just graduating college and do not have significant work experience.
  • If you graduated so long ago that you feel your graduation date is going to make you dismissed by age, it is fine to leave the years off the résumé.  Be prepared to include them on the formal job application and background check paperwork.
  • Be consistent with headers, alignment, and wording.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.

What are your résumé tips that you give juniors who are just getting into the field?

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