As I was growing up, certain biases were established that I never thought I would get past: Pink is a girl’s color, and blue is a boy’s color. (Oh, marketing folks… social “norms”…) Lawn mowing is a man’s job. (My dad never had my mom mow the lawn.  It was always a job for my […]

My friend Doc posted this on Twitter, and it really grated on me, so much so that I’m compelled to write. Meet Bill. Bill’s a rockstar programmer. He codes fast. Bill doesn’t need to refactor. He codes fast. Bill’s too valuable to take support calls. He codes fast. Bill doesn’t pair; it’s inefficient. He codes […]

Once again, Cory House has a blog-inspiring question: One of life's hardest decisions: Earn vs learn. When you're reached expertise, do you stay put and harvest the returns as long as possible, or consider the expertise as a sign it's time to move on to new challenges? — Cory House 🏠 (@housecor) December 27, 2017 Earlier […]