Mar 2018

My VB.NET Story

In my MVP Summit recap, I mentioned that I want to help contribute to the docs on docs.microsoft.com, including Visual Basic.  Many people know that I’ve focused on C# the most in the .NET stack, followed by PowerShell.  VB.NET didn’t get as much focus career-wise for me, as I had a rocky start with it […]

These past few months have been crazy-busy in the community: Helped host the ever-awesome NASA Space Apps Challenge with the NASA Glenn crew and Brad Nellis of Expedient Coordinated volunteers for Stir Trek – a developer conference in Columbus, OH with about 1200 attendees Sponsored as Cleveland Tech Events (CTE) and represented both CTE and The Software […]

A long time ago, when I was much younger, I used to see Microsoft as this gigantic, unapproachable power that was popular in homes.  I saw Linux as this operating system that truly hardcore geeks played with, geeks who were anti-social and more like hackers.  This was my misperception as a youngster. As I got older, my friend Nivex […]