My 4 year old has been singing “Everything is Awesome” as he’s been playing throughout the house this weekend, and after last week’s blog post and important conversations, I can finally breathe easily and agree – everything is awesome! Everything is awesome Everything is cool when you’re part of a team Everything is awesome When you’re […]

After dropping off my boys this morning, I figured that it would be a good idea to stop by my classroom at the Software Guild to get some stuff to work on at home.  It’s my classroom after all, my home away from home.  Now that I can work from home the next few weeks, […]


Dec 2015

Parting Words…

Yesterday was my last day with my September group of apprentices at the Software Guild.  We bonded fairly well throughout the cohort, and it was great to hang out with a group of them last night afterwards.  I woke up excited yesterday morning because we’re graduating this group of talented individuals who have worked hard […]