SUX Adventures with the Dell Latitude E6520

While in the middle of surfing a web page in 1 tab in Google Chrome, with nothing else in the background, my favorite blue screen came back. It’s frustrating that this blue screen doesn’t stay up long enough to get details and also doesn’t log to the Event Log. But the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE errors continue, even with the new hard drive.

So what else could it be? My frustration was getting me to the point of wanting to go Office Space on the laptop… all I wanted was a reliable laptop that worked and this thing has proven unreliable so far.

Rather than calling ProSupport again, I talked with my IT guy, my awesome husband. We talked through this headache and ended up finding out that Dell issued another BIOS update just recently. Hmm… let’s see what they fixed…

1. Addressed CD boot issues.
2. Addressed Hard Drives hang issue in AHCI mode.
3. Addressed Hard Drives encryption issue in ATA mode.4. Fixed issue where the MAC address would be incorrect after disabling the Integrated NIC in Setup.
5. Added support for Signed Firmware Update Transition BIOS.
6. Updated to the MOB_P_11 version of the Intel microcode patch.
7. Updated to the 1.2.0 version of Intel System Agent reference code.
8. Updated to the 1.2 version of Intel PCH Reference Code.
9. Updated to the version of Intel PPM Reference Code.

Hard drive hang issue… hmm…

We’ve applied BIOS A06 and are now hoping it stays stable again.

I would love to write a positive SUX story about this laptop, without focusing on ProSupport’s awesomeness. But this is more and more a struggle.

Dying hard drives on new laptops SUX

Just a few weeks before devLink, I purchased a new laptop to replace my ASUS G51JX. I ended up getting a Dell Latitude E6520. Within the first few days of getting it, the laptop had a KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE blue screen and lost sight of the hard drive. After rebooting a few times and working with Dell ProSupport, it came back up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t identify what had caused the issue. We figured it would be a one-time deal, perhaps a fluke.

Fast forward to today… so the laptop made it through devLink without showing any adversity. However, this morning, while listening to Zune, reading emails in Outlook, and chatting with my husband on Lync Communicator, the laptop decided to spontaneously throw another KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE error. Unfortunately, this BSoD doesn’t log info or create minidumps and reboots quicker than you can say “Dude… don’t get a Dell!” So my frustration was back. Rebooted, couldn’t see the hard drive… rebooted again and the hard drive came back just fine.

This special 512e hard drive just doesn’t like me. I think it’s a 512evil hard drive for as stable as it has appeared. However, we’ll see if its replacement is any better.

After an hour and change of diagnostics with Dell ProSupport, I’m getting a new hard drive. I’m thankful for Dell ProSupport – support in English with a very knowledgable crew. I didn’t have to deal with a script, and Todd in Nashville was great at getting me what I needed.

Why am I Wi-flagged with laptops lately?