Introduction – Who is the Coding Geekette?

Nine years ago, I was a student at the University of Toledo, studying for my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering Technology. I was the vice chair for the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, and I was active at both the local and national levels. I was a presenter on SAMBA/SWAT and Squeak for the Toledo Area Linux Users Group. And I was part of the Toledo CodeFest team, representing our university at ACM’s OOPSLA ’99 conference in Denver.

My co-op experiences started right out of high school, as a Visual Basic programmer, meeting Microsoft SQL Server. The following co-op, I had the joy of having a title that I’ll never have again – Y2K programmer. That’s where I met the beast known as FoxPro. My last co-op had me doing a migration from Access to VB/MS SQL. After the co-ops, I focused on my studies while working with my favorite guys of Toledo – the Arts & Science College Computing crew.

After graduating from college and having all programming co-ops, you’d think that I’d be a programmer. But I ended up in technical support for an ISP. That’s where I met a friend of mine who called me a geekette. He encouraged me to stick with programming, even though I was in support.

After that job, I ended up doing my time as a systems support analyst. I had the programmer role – using Visual Basic 6 and eventually moving on to VB.NET for 1 project. I also was wearing the hats of system administrator, database administrator, desktop support, and report builder. Great experience in becoming familiar with various technologies, but it was tough to keep up with, not having time to pursue my true interests.

Which takes me to where I am today – as a database developer. I spend my days working in C#, doing web development, with a focus on database-driven interfaces. I am finally back in my element, automating things and tinkering and doing things that programmers enjoy doing. Thanks to one of my new friends from work, I’m also back to networking with people in my industry. So this blog is here to give them my perspective on things.

If you ever want to know more about me, feel free to email me at sarah at codinggeekette dot com.

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