Fascinated by Languages

When I was studying for my degree, one of my favorite classes was a programming paradigms class. It covered various types of languages and some basic structures. It taught me that there are certain languages better than others for each situation. To be a good programmer, it helps to know the language you work in. To be a great programmer, you know your language and are aware of the other languages out there. You are also willing to take the steps to add more languages to your repetoire, to help keep you one step above the rest.

My goal this year is to pick up more languages. At the beginning of 2007, I had a conversation with a co-worker at my former place of employment. We were talking about the languages out there, and he mentioned that he’d like to learn more about C#, but with our work demands, we had no time to learn it. I remember us coming to the conclusion that we’ll never need it, so we weren’t going to bother learning it. A few months later, I was in an interview for a web developer position that needed C#, and I mentioned to the interviewer that I’d go the distance to learn the language, as I already had a strong enough programming language and web development background to get started. That was at the end of March, and at the beginning of April, I got the job offer.

So I’ve been working with C# since the end of April 2007. I’ve converted ASP pages to ASP.NET, and I’ve had the joys of learning my data structures all over again. I’ve endured the experience of nested master pages with delegates. For being out of a solid programming position for so long, it’s been a great experience reawakening the programmer in me.

My inner programmer is now awake, and I’m looking forward to learning new languages. So far, my goals include:

I do not have an inkling to want to learn LOLCODE, even though my current license plate is in the code. Something about the whole LOL movement – LOLCODE, LOLCATS, etc. – just gives me a headache thinking about it. Unless someone can convince me it’s worthwhile, I’ll avoid it for now.

If there are other languages that are worth looking into, definitely leave a comment here.

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