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One of the more recent links that I’ve added to right hand side is a link to my Twitter feed. If you want to see what I’m up to, that’s definitely one way of tracking me down. The reason I mention Twitter in a programming blog is because you’re about to see just how the social programmer ends up meeting a bunch of other programmers and other interesting people along the way.

Long ago, my friend Nivex told me to check out Twitter, and I saw it and thought it was the stupidest idea ever. Seriously, answering the question “What are you doing?” just can’t go far, can it? I didn’t bother giving it a try then – I just couldn’t see it taking off or really going anywhere.

Fast forward to today… I’m on Twitter, and I’ve picked up a bunch of followers.

So what did it take to get me there? Well we had Jeff Blankenburg, the Microsoft Developer Evangelist for the OH/MI/KY/TN region, at the Bennett Adelson .NET SIG in December who decided to show us some really cool Microsoft projects. He managed to sneak Twitter in his presentation, and he made it seem pretty neat. So I figured I’d probably check it out.

After following Jeff and Nivex and seeing who they were following, I started to get a feel for Twitter. I realized that it’s yet another social networking tool out there, and it isn’t as stupid as I had originally thought.

So, who are the people following me and why are they following me? Now this one, I can’t always answer. I can tell you that I know only a handful of them in person – others, I have picked up along the way probably through random Twitter discussions or just Twitter-surfing in general.

The ones I know in person include the two who introduced me to Twitter plus a couple others who are down in North Carolina, who I met when we visited Nivex awhile back (like tarheelcoxn and jeremyp) or who came up here with Nivex last September (clubjuggler).

I’m sure some of them may be from the .NET SIG (like johnnystock and MichaelDotNet), but I’m not always good at putting faces with people after the fact. So if you know me from the SIG, say hi to me at the SIG so that I can maybe put two and two together.

Some have found me from other conversations – like the GoF discussion, which brought fhwrdh. Then there’re ones that I started following because of their random messages – like the World of Warcraft message posted by jfollas. Oh, and since I mentioned Jeff, I may as well mention our other awesome Microsoft regional contact, Josh Holmes, the Architect Evangelist for the same MI/OH/KY/TN region, who is also part of the Twitter people I follow.

I’ve met all sorts of people and have read so many different things on people I’ve looked up to in the industry. From programming related stuff to personal stuff, all sorts of information flies by in Twitter conversations. It’s a unique atmosphere to be in – you see conversations others are having, and they can see your conversations. But you can meet some of the most interesting people out there.

Check out Twitter if you haven’t already. You never know who you may cross paths with!


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