Why You Should Be a Sponsor for Cleveland Day of .NET

After talking to someone earlier tonight about being a sponsor for our Cleveland Day of .NET, I realized that some of you may not understand just how excited I am about this and just why I’ve decided to try to help where I can with the planning. As quiet as I tend to be, when the mood strikes, you get the excited part of me as well.

As we’re planning the event, I realize just how passionate our group is about programming, .NET-related topics, and being involved in the developer community in general. We talk about this event wherever we go, to anyone who will listen to us. Tonight, I actually spoke up about it at the SQL SIG. I didn’t stay in the corner with one of my committee teammates to announce it; I actually walked to the front of the room and talked briefly about it. I mention it here, and I mention it a lot when I’m dealing with my programmers lunch crew. Sometimes, I wonder if I mention it too much, but then I realize that the more I talk about it, the more people hear about it, and the more they hear about it, the more they need to register at our site and come out for an awesome and exciting day!

We’re looking for sponsors for our event. Now why am I posting it here? I know that my readers work for interesting companies and may even have more contacts in the Cleveland area. I know that you can point other people to read this blog and others can see that there is hope for Cleveland. And the more people read this, the more chance of getting sponsors that we may not even know about.

So why would any company want to be a sponsor at a Day of .NET to begin with?

Days of .NET attract talented .NET programmers from the local region, as well as neighboring regions. The events are free to the attendees, as sponsors help cover the costs for the venue and everything else that it takes to make a successful event happen. By being a sponsor for the event, you’re getting your name out to the developer community. You’re letting us know that you’re out there as a resource or that you even care about us enough to contribute to our event. It gives you a chance to get your company’s name and reputation out there, and it also gives you a chance to see just who’s out in the programming community, who you are supporting by providing valuable products and services, and who you want working for you. We know there are plenty of companies out there who value their developers, but we don’t know specifically who all is out there – so tell us about yourselves! Get your name out there and be an exhibitor/vendor at the Cleveland Day of .NET.

So how can you become a sponsor?

If you have any swag that you want us to giveaway at the Cleveland Day of .NET, contact me and we can work out those details. From books to XBox games to even an XBox (ok, I might be pushing my luck here but it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there anyhow), giveaways are a good way to get the point across that you’re committed to us. Even if you don’t have swag but still want to help, check out what we have in the way of sponsorship levels in our sponsorship prospectus. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you!

How long do you have to decide whether you want to make that top donation and get your logo on our T-Shirts?

May 1st is our cut-off date for sponsorships, so get your top-level sponsorship in now! Your logo will be displayed on a T-Shirt that each attendee will get at the event on May 17th.

Why should your company support the Cleveland Day of .NET?

Obvious answer… Cleveland rocks! Should there be any other reason? 🙂

If you want to hear more from the excited camp on this, feel free to email me and I’ll answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

If you’re a developer, please pass this blog entry on to your employer if you think they can help us out. Then go to our website and register to attend! Come out on May 17th and join in on the excitement, as we’ve got speakers on a variety of topics already wanting to come to Cleveland and share their passion with us. We definitely want to know more and reach as many people as we can!

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