The Impact of Cleveland Day of .NET So Far

Although the event is just under a month away, Cleveland Day of .NET has already made a huge impact on me. Being on the planning committee has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and make moves that are typically difficult for me to make.

Officially, I’m in charge of swag and other stuff like it – the badges, programs, T-shirts, etc. Unofficially, I think I’ve been involved in all sides of the planning – speakers, sponsors, some website involvement, and a little venue discussion. To participate in an event as an attendee is one thing; to be a presenter is another. However, to be on the planning committee and to make it grow from an idea to an event is a huge thing.

I remember a few months back when we were tossing the idea around that we needed an event here in Cleveland. There were three of us at first, and now there are seven of us who are on the committee to make this event happen. I’m working with an awesome group of guys – some of the most talented, enthusiastic people I’ve worked with in awhile. We have had a lot of support along the way from those who’ve been in our shoes, and we definitely couldn’t get this far without their guidance.

Tomorrow, I will be down in Wilmington, checking out the Central Ohio Day of .NET. I’m looking forward to hearing various talks, meeting some of the speakers, and meeting my Twitter friends (my Tweeps)! I’m also looking forward to seeing those that I’ve already met (Cleveland Tweeps, except the elusive Corey). I’ll be making a lot of notes on the day so that we know what to do or what not to do at the Cleveland event.

I’ve been asked to live blog from down there, since a friend of mine missed out on registration (despite me reminding him of it consistently for the past few months). If I’m not caught up in socializing too much, I might actually sneak in a blog post or two. Otherwise, I’ll post a recap of the event on Sunday.

Being on the planning committee has forced my inner leader out. It’s forced me to be more talkative, more outgoing, and more social. If I see something that could benefit us, I have to take the initiative to make it happen. Stepping out of my shy shell has been tough, but honestly, I’m glad that it’s happening. These Days of .NET are definitely taking me to where I need to be, and I look forward to seeing how this weekend and how the Cleveland Day of .NET will further impact me.

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