Upcoming Dev Events and Days of .NET…

There are many events that are coming up, and I catch random mentions of these on Twitter and from talking with some other people. This weekend, it’s Indy Code Camp. On May 10th, there’s the West Michigan Day of .NET. On May 17th, it’s Cleveland’s Day of .NET. At the beginning of June, there’s the developer track of Tech Ed. On June 21st, there’s Lansing’s Day of .NET. On August 22-23rd, devLink is happening down in Tennessee. There are probably more events out there that I haven’t found yet, but yeah, it looks like a busy summer for developers, if they really want it that way.

Since I’m on the planning committee for it and pretty much tied to it, I will be at the Cleveland Day of .NET. In fact, I will be speaking on IronPython. Since Darrell Hawley had to back out, I will be the only IronPython speaker there, and I’m switching from a 300 level presentation with Merlin (as my previous ad showed) to a 200 level presentation. If I have any Monty Python fans reading this, come check out my presentation! Here’s the abstract for it:

Intro to the IronPython Flying Circus
A 200 level presentation by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Come see taunts with an outrageous French accent, knights who say Ni,
Vikings who like Spam, and lumberjacks who like to press wildflowers as we
explore some basics behind IronPython, the .NET implementation of the
Python programming language.

If you want to see it but cannot be at the Cleveland Day of .NET, drop me an email at sarah at codinggeekette dot com and I’ll get the screencast to you for it.

I was hoping to go to Lansing’s Day of .NET, as I have friends up there that I could stay with and visit with. Unfortunately, I’m supposed to be at a wedding that day for a longtime friend of ours, so I’ll be missing out on the Day of .NET up there.

As for devLink, I would love to check it out, as I see some of my Tweeps excited about it. However, end of August is really bad for me, as that’s when we get together for our family’s August birthdays, which are all at the end of the month. Although I don’t talk about it much, I do have a HAF that I have to maintain, which means I can’t plan on attending an event then.

I hope to see more Days of .NET this year, as it would be nice to see my speaker friends give their talks and if all goes well in Cleveland, maybe I’ll apply to speak at others as well.

I’m also looking forward to the end of October, for OOPSLA 2008. Having participated in their CodeFest many years back, I’m looking forward to going this year to participate in DesignFest. I’ve been in touch with the DesignFest committee lead to find out more. It’s a little intimidating for me, since I’ll be traveling solo in a state I’ve never been in to a conference where I’ll know no one else. But I’m looking forward to seeing how DesignFest plays out. Last time I was at OOPSLA, I had the privilege to meet the Gang of Four, so I’m curious to see who’ll be there this year.

So yeah, there are quite a few events coming up for devs…

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