Crossing the line, the district line…

I was reading Dan Rigsby’s post on West Michigan Day of .NET, and one of his comments really struck me.

It seems if you are in a different Microsoft district, you either don’t know much about what is going in other districts, or are afraid the break the barrier.

He’s got a good point. I live in the Heartland District, which encompasses Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan (south to north). Whenever there are events within our district, we have our evangelists who let us know what’s going on. But what about Days of .NET in places that are just across the state line, in one of the other districts? We don’t typically hear about those, and I don’t know why that is either.

While planning the Cleveland Day of .NET, I realized that our location is well within a few hours from the PA state line. Having made many day trips to Erie and Pittsburgh, I know just how long those drives are, and I know that I drove further just for Central Ohio Day of .NET. So, rather than letting this realization lead to nothing, I contacted every evangelist listed for PA, asking them to pass the word on to their followers. I did receive some support from them, and we were supposedly mentioned in the Pittsburgh .NET Users Group’s newsletter. So I’m hoping to see some PA .NET people at our event!

If you’re a .NET/CodeCamp/etc. event organizer, if you want to reach the districts outside of your own, check out the Meet Your Local Microsoft Evangelists page and reach out to them. Maybe we don’t get people crossing district lines because the word just doesn’t get out to them. Maybe people are afraid to spread the word. But if we want people to cross the district lines, we need to get the word out to them so that they know that our events exist!


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