Cleveland Day of .NET “Thank You”s

After seeing how yesterday went, I’m looking forward to seeing how Cleveland Day of .NET will take off next year. We will have to do this again next year, and I look forward to help planning it yet again!

Thanks to our attendees for coming out and seeing what we had to offer.

Thanks to our many friends who’ve helped us along the way – including Mike Eaton, Brian Prince, Jeff Blankenburg, Jim Holmes, and many others.

Thanks also to our volunteers throughout the day – including Jeff McWherter, Kevin Dutkiewicz, Colin Richmond, Gary Mandela, and Brandon Joyce.

Thanks to our speakers for providing a variety of topics for our attendees and for keeping things quite interesting! Our speakers included Rich Broida, Joe O’Brien, Dan Hibbitts, Dan Hounshell, Alan Stevens, Josh Clark, Brian Shura, Nate Kohari, Carey Payette, Jason Follas, Chris Woodruff, James Bender, Mike Eaton, Amanda Laucher, Joe Brinkman, Dave Redding, Len Smith, Brian Prince, Leon Gersing, and Joe Wirtley.

Thanks to our sponsors for giving us the financial support to put on the event. Obviously, without them, we couldn’t have pulled this off. From swag to supporting the community, thanks goes out to Microsoft, Bennett Adelson, 4TechWork, Hyland Software, Lazorpoint, Exential, Beacon Hill Staffing Group, TEKSystems, Sogeti, Robert Half Technology, PreEmptive Solutions, RedGate, JetBrains, Wrox/Wiley, and Education.

Thanks to my fellow planning committee members. From 3 of us saying “We need an event in Cleveland” to growing to 7 and pulling off our ideas, it was a great experience. I was incredibly honored to be working with such a talented group, with a wide variety of experience. I hope to work with you guys next year and put on an even better Cleveland Day of .NET! You guys – John Stockton, Mike Letterle, Mike Slade, Sam Nasr, Joe Fiorini, and Corey Haines – rock!

Finally, thanks to our spouses – for being supportive of us as we spent many nights planning and recapping what needs to be done. When we had to get things done, they were there for us. Our spousal acceptance factors probably went through a roller coaster ride, but in the end, I think the others would agree that it was well worth it.

Overall, yesterday was a great success, and I look forward to doing it again next year!

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