On Speaker Feedback and Presenting Again

While reading up on my Google Alerts, I came across this Cleveland Day of .NET review at Taller Code. It was good to see another person’s perspective of the day, and it’s always interesting to read what others have to say about your presentation.

As a speaker, I find feedback to be quite important. Whether it’s positive or negative, it always helps to get an outsider’s point of view. What did you like about the presentation? What didn’t you like? What did you wish was covered that wasn’t? Answer questions like those when giving feedback, and you’d be doing the speaker a favor. To get honest feedback like that really helps a speaker improve not only their performance but also their presentation.

Now that I’m not actively planning any events for a bit, I can work on refining my presentation and building new presentations. I had talked to a couple of my friends last week, and talking with them made me realize that I should stick with it. I’m putting the IronPython presentation on hold, though, as I am getting a presentation together to submit for an upcoming event later this summer. Although my audience may be a little more serious, I’ll still be keeping it real and trying to keep it entertaining while showing some cool new tech stuff.

So stay tuned to see what’s in store!

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