Deep Fried Bytes Episode 3: Twitter War Stories

I’m currently listening to the latest episode of Deep Fried Bytes while thinking about the deep fried Twinkies I had last week. Episode 3 is about Twitter war stories. After hearing others’ stories, I figured I’d share one of my own.

One of Sarah’s Favorite Twitter War Stories

I can’t tell you how I found him for sure, but I somehow came across Michael Eaton on Twitter. At one point, I saw Joel Ross pull a picture out that involved Mike and the band Ratt. (I’ll spare him the link in this post.) It was quite entertaining to watch his reaction every time Joel pulled out that picture.

One night, Mike Eaton was sending me a bunch of tinyurls to the World of Warcraft (WoW) account pages. Every now and then, the WoW guys on Twitter try to get me to resubscribe to WoW. He kept telling me it was fun while using the tinyurls to attempt to lure me back in. But I know better than to trust his tinyurls depending on the context, so I tinyurled the picture and asked if WoW was as fun as that pic.

I pulled the picture on him in person at Central Ohio Day of .NET this year, and I knew that payback would be hell. But at the same time, I just couldn’t resist. And that’s how the VBA rumors about me got started. We hung out quite a bit that day, and I’m definitely glad to have found him.

So thanks to Twitter, I now have someone else that I enjoy hanging out with and teasing. But I wouldn’t have met him if it weren’t for Twitter.

Comments on Deep Fried Bytes in General

I’m not much of a podcast listener. To me, podcasts are like talk radio, and that typically bores me to tears. But Deep Fried Bytes has me hooked, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else they have planned. So if they keep posting blog-worthy podcasts, count on seeing more posts from me on it.

Deep Fried Bytes is almost as heavenly as deep fried Twinkies! So if you haven’t gone there yet, get your helping of Deep Fried Bytes now!

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