Ann Arbor Give Camp : Day 1

So Mike Eaton talked me into coming out to Ann Arbor rather than working remotely for Ann Arbor Give Camp. After a crazy week, I was wondering how I’d handle the 3 hour ride up here. Now here I am, up at 3am, watching John Mullinax and Jonathan Thorndycraft play Guitar Hero down in the break room.

I’m on the team for Golightly Academy of IT. Our charity contact is John Mullinax, and he’s been awesome to work with so far. We’ve got an interesting site design ahead, using Sitefinity. Special thanks to John Hopkins for hooking us up with a license for it.

None of us have worked with Sitefinity before, so we’re looking forward to tinkering with it. Our contact at Verio – Matt Lagrotte – is phenomenal. There are a few of us who are using Sitefinity, and Matt’s been very instrumental in getting us going, as it doesn’t go through the install gracefully without working a little magic.

I’m just hanging out now with Jennifer Marsman, Dave Redding, Mike Eaton, Jonathan Thorndycraft, Chris Roland, Marty Adams, and a couple other people in the break room for a bit. There was some Guitar Hero action going on, and there’s talk of Halo.

I’m looking forward to seeing how our project turns out. Golightly Academy of IT will have a web presence by the end of the weekend, and I’ll link to it on Sunday to show what our team comes up with! For not knowing anyone I’m on my team, I’m very excited to see that we come together quite well. This has been an enjoyable experience so far and I look forward to seeing how this will turn out.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Ann Arbor Give Camp!

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