Sunday was our final day of Ann Arbor Give Camp, the day where we turned over our projects to the charities. Once my teammates Brian and Kevin arrived, we worked on the finishing touches of the site – minor CSS changes and template updates.

John came by Sunday afternoon to see the site, and we ended up passing the final documentation to him. However, our group wants to see this all the way through, so we’ll probably be following up with him over the next couple months to make sure that the site is working for them.

Golightly Academy of IT is a school in the Detroit area where high school students spend part of the day in traditional classes and part of the day in IT-related courses. For something technical, I was surprised to hear that they didn’t have a web presence. This weekend, our team helped make that happen.

We used Telerik’s CMS package Sitefinity to provide both a public-facing side and an administrative side for their website. Currently, we have them set up with a Flickr stream for their pictures. Special thanks to Verio for providing hosting for them.

Once the domain is set up properly, I promise to link to it here, as I’m happy with what we put together. It’s a great foundation for them to change and expand on.

And for those who were asking about my shirts from this weekend… the blue screen of death shirt is available from Errorwear, and the Geekette shirt came from Telerik.

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