As the UML guy mentioned in his Ann Arbor Give Camp wrap-up and on Twitter, I had my little Code Monkey with me. Ever since I heard the infamous Jonathan Coulton song, I looked at this little guy and wondered if I’d ever call him a code monkey. This weekend, he made his debut.

Sarah's Code Monkey

This monkey has been with us for quite a few years now. If you remember the old Internet banner ads that went along the lines of “Punch the monkey”, that’s where this guy is from. My husband was bored one day back in college and won the monkey from Treeloot.

Originally, he just stayed on my husband’s computer desk. Then, we started packing him up for LAN parties, as one of our friends usually has a stuffed animal or two to protect his computer. Eventually, we just decided to take him with us on our various trips throughout the world. He even found friends along the way:

Monkey and his friend from the Bahamas cruise

Now, he also follows me around as the code monkey. If only I could teach him to write code…

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