Playing in the Live Sandbox

When I first started tinkering with Virtual Earth, I blogged about the interactive SDKs and mentioned that I had found other Live tools. Here are just a few Live things that I’ve been playing with…


Over in the Live Labs, there’s a list-making site called Listas. Now I’ve been playing with this site off and on since hearing about it last December. Some of the lists I’ve kept include a list of coffees and teas we’ve tried with our new coffee machine and what we like/dislike about them, a bucket list, and a list of things that I was supposed to remember from an event to recap later. I like that I can put my lists in one spot and access them wherever. You can make your lists public or keep them private. If you want others to collaborate on a list, this project allows that. So if you find yourself keeping a lot of lists, check out Listas over in the lab.

Live Mesh

Also in the Tech Preview stages is Live Mesh. I had originally seen people talking about it on Twitter, but I had no idea what it was. After reading about it on their site, I was curious about it. Thanks to TheProkrammer, who set up a shared folder for Cleveland Day of .NET, I was able to get in and play with it. It’s actually come quite handy. I have some files that I used in working with Virtual Earth at home that I needed at work, so I connected back home and moved them to one of my Mesh folders. Then I accessed my Live desktop through work and was able to copy the folders from there. It was nice to be able to keep my files in one spot and access them from wherever I have Internet access. I know some of you who’ve heard of it are looking forward to Mac support. I’m personally looking for Windows Mobile support, so that I can access my Mesh folders from my phone.

Live Search Cashback

And for something not programming-related but still from the Live arena…. while using Live Search over the past couple months, I came across a link for Live Search cashback. Although I haven’t had an online shopping urge lately, I figured I’d check it out anyhow to see what kind of deals they had. While looking at the Creative ZEN Stone, I found up to 10% cashback on possibly purchasing a MP3 player that I could listen to audiobooks on during my next long road trip. I figured I’d check out the Adesso keyboards, as my husband has been talking about getting one for quite awhile. It looks like we can get up to 10% cashback on the Adesso keyboard. Something to keep in mind though, as with many online shopping things, that the highest cashback deal typically doesn’t come with the lowest bottomline price.

These are just a few of the things that I found while looking around at the Live products. There is a lot more to cover, including programmers’ resources for the Live technologies, but I will save that for the next post.

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