Desert Post 1: Codename “Mojave”

What happens when you take a big company with an operating system that many of us complain about and get them together with people who’ve only heard the complaints and never given the operating system a fair chance? Introducing the “Mojave Experiment”

Microsoft decided to take people who’ve never touched Vista and introduce them to their next OS, codenamed “Mojave”. What the participants don’t know is that “Mojave” is really Vista.

When I heard about the project, I originally thought of the Mac Switch ads. Take ordinary people, get a reaction, and use it as a marketing technique. After seeing the site, I can definitely say that it still conjures up memories of the Switch ads. Although the Mojave participants don’t compare to Ellen Feiss, I think the experiment as a whole could be a viable marketing attempt. Will Microsoft run ads to generate traffic to the Mojave site? I think it could give Mojave Vista some good publicity, which it deserves.

The gamer in me approves Vista – my games run nicely on it. The developer in me approves Vista – I’ve got Visual Studio 2008, SQL 2008 CTP, and Silverlight 2 beta 2 all playing nicely on it. I don’t like some features – like I think the User Access Control is a bit annoying. But I’ve found quirks in all the operating systems I’ve used – Windows 3.x, Slackware, Red Hat, Debian, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and now Windows Vista. Some quirks are definitely workable. For as much as I complain about it, though, when I reinstalled the OS on my laptop, I stuck with Vista.

Go check out the Mojave Experiment and see what people who hear our complaints think once they’ve experienced some of its features firsthand.

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