Desert Post 2: Codename “Kalahari”

CodeMash is looking for speakers for their 2009 conference.

What is CodeMash?

CodeMash is a conference for developers of all platforms to come together and exchange their knowledge, no matter what their choice of language may be. As they say on their site:

CodeMash is all about cross-domain, cross-discipline communication.

The 2009 conference is January 7-9, 2009 and will be held at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.

What do people speak on?

Past presentations included…

  • Introduction to Scala
  • DSLs in Static & Dynamic Languages
  • Putting the Fun into Functional with F#
  • Introducing Groovy
  • Ruby: Testing Mandatory
  • Sharepoint Services: My life with “Kate” MOSS 2007
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Crash, Smash, Kaboom Course in Python

These are just a few of last year’s presentations. Check out the 2008 sessions to get an idea of what types of topics are presented at CodeMash.

The 2009 Tracks include…

  • Rich Clients
  • Web Frameworks
  • Dev Processes and Methodologies
  • Architecture and Design
  • Languages

If you want to present at CodeMash, keep in mind that their deadline for submissions is October 22nd. Whether you’re new to presentations or a veteran, they’re looking to put together a mix, so submit your presentation details today!

What’s this we hear about you and CodeMash?

My buddy Russ has gone to it the past two years, and he’s enjoyed it both years. I didn’t know about it the first year (as I was still out of the realms of influence then), but I missed this year’s CodeMash due to bad timing (and other lame reasons) of my own.

Some of my friends also have gone to CodeMash and constantly remind me that I missed this year’s event. So I will be at next year’s event, to see just what it is that I’ve missed.

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