Consuming Web Services in Silverlight with John Stockton

What: John Stockton, presenting “Consuming Web Services in Silverlight”

Where: Microsoft Office
6050 Oak Tree Blvd
Suite 300
Independence, OH

When: Tuesday, August 12th, 5:45pm-????*

John has spoken locally at the GCPCUG VB.NET/C# SIG and at Cleveland Day of .NET. He is also co-authoring Silverlight 2 in Action, of which he will be giving a copy away at the meeting. He has accepted an offer with Ascentium in Seattle and will be leaving us, and we are sorry to see such a talented devigner (developer + designer) go. So come out and see John in one of his last Cleveland presentations.

* The Bennett Adelson SIG meetings are typically scheduled until 7:30pm. But I’m issuing this challenge to my readers who come to these meetings — come out with us afterwards. And if you have other people who attend these meetings with you, bring them too!

Where: The Winking Lizard, Independence, OH

Even if you don’t consume frosty adult beverages, come out for the conversation.

If you need approval from a spouse or other significant other, talk with them now and explain to them that it’s going out with a group of geeks, talking about all things geeky and some non-geeky talk too! It’s meeting fellow developers in the area, seeing what they’re about. It’s networking with others, as you never know who you’ll be there and who you can meet. From learning new things to maybe getting help with a problem that you are experiencing with your code, you’d be surprised what you could gain from being there.

So August 12th – see you there!

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