Intro to New Data Types in SQL 2008

Last night, I gave my “Introduction to the New Data Types in SQL 2008” presentation to the Ohio North SQL SIG. Since my audience was primarily DBAs, my presentation did not show any C# code working with the database.

Some of the things I covered included:

  • New datetime types: date, time, datetime2, datetimeoffset
  • hierarchyid
  • Spatial types: geography and geometry

I covered the basics of many of hierarchyid’s methods. The only examples I didn’t go into were IsDescendant() and GetReparented(). I hope to get more in depth with trees in another blog post.

As I mentioned at the meeting, there’s enough out there for geography and geometry to for them to take up their own meeting slot. If you want to look into the geospatial data types, I recommend reading Jason Follas’ series on spatial data.

All the files from my presentation – my slides, my database, and my scripts – are available to be downloaded here.

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