Cleveland Silverlight Firestarter – November 1st

I’ve been asked to present alongside some Silverlight experts at the Cleveland Silverlight Firestarter on November 1st. This is a free one day event to educate developers on Silverlight. Speakers include John Stockton, Matt Casto, and Jeff Blankenburg. Special thanks goes out to Sam Nasr, leader of the GCPCUG .NET SIG, for getting this planned!

What is a Firestarter?

Firestarters are events geared to developers, introducing them to various technologies. Other firestarter topics include (but are not limited to) ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint, Mobility, and SQL.

Who should attend this?

Anyone who wants to learn more about Silverlight should attend this. This day-long event will start with an intro and progressively get into detail – including XAML basics, the tools, controls & data binding, and server communication.

How does this cost?

Believe it or not… it’s FREE! (Ok… other than having to give up a Saturday for this, it’s FREE of cost.)

Where is this being held?

It’ll be held at the Cleveland Microsoft Office, which is in Independence, OH. Click here for a map of where the office is.

Where do I register for this event?

Click here to register for the Cleveland Silverlight Firestarter! See you there!

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