CG’s CodeMash Countdown: Erlang

Here in Cleveland, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a talented and diverse group of developers. Corey Haines is one of those developers, and he’s the first person that I’ve ever heard mention Erlang. I wasn’t sure Erlang was, but Corey’s talk of it sparked my curiosity. Without further ado, featuring Erlang….

Language: Erlang


A Little on Erlang

Erlang was created in the labs at what is now known as Ericsson AB, originally designed for use in telecom applications. Some of the key features of Erlang include native support for concurrency, distribution, and fault tolerance. It can run on a variety of platforms – including Solaris, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Nowadays, it doesn’t stay in the lab – it is an open source language.

For more on Erlang, check out Ericsson’s page on Erlang.

Where can this be seen in the wild?

Facebook uses Erlang in their chat system.

Apache’s CouchDB database system is written in Erlang.

The IM daemon ejabberd for Jabber is also written in Erlang.

Where will this be seen at CodeMash?

While looking at the CodeMash session list, it looks like there’s only one Erlang presentation. Check out “Erlang: The Basics” by Kevin Smith.

Where can I learn more about Erlang?

I’d recommend starting with the Erlang Frequently Asked Questions, to get a base understanding of the language. From there, check out the Getting started section of the official Erlang site. has a tutorial called Erlang for the C, C++, and Java Programmers.

Kevin Smith has put out a screencast series called “Erlang in Practice”. Check it out on the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Me Dev, You Jane also has some interesting articles on Erlang, including a knock knock joke and a series called Erlang Introduction (For the Ruby Guy).

Finally, for all sorts of Erlang news, check out Erlang Inside and Erlang Community (

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