Dude, I’m Not Getting a Dell – Part 1

I’m interrupting the countdown for a post to find out what others’ opinions are of Dell. My awesome husband ordered me a Mini 9 for Christmas, as he saw it as a great tool for me, especially with giving presentations and stuff. When I found out about that, I was psyched! He ordered it for me at the beginning of December (12/5), and today, he got another shipping delay. It was supposed to ship on 12/19, but they delayed it until today (12/29). Sure, they were going to ship it today. Or maybe now it’s delayed until 1/12.

Looking at their blog, they aren’t saying anything about a delay in shipping, a shortage in parts, etc. So… what’s up with Dell? Why is it that they are going to take more than a month from order to shipping?

I understand that back orders happen, parts can’t get shipped because of strikes, etc. But honestly, with Dell not saying anything, this doesn’t seem right.

He’s got a call in with his rep to find out why there’s such a delay. Unfortunately, the rep didn’t get back to him at the end of the day.

More details will follow.

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