CG’s CodeMash Countdown: The CodeJam

Today’s CodeMash Countdown isn’t about one of the languages, but rather
about one of the Precompiler events. Over the past few months, I’ve been working with Gary Bernhardt, Joe Fiorini, Corey Haines, and John Stockton on planning the CodeJam.

No, we’re not make jams and jellies out of code. Nor are we making music with our code – although that would be quite fun!

So who are these guys that I’m working with?

Gary Bernhardt is the leader of the Cleveland Python Users Group. Joe Fiorini is one of the Cleveland Ruby Brigade organizers. Corey Haines is the famous Corey Haines of the recent pair programming tour. John Stockton was the leader behind Cleveland Day of .NET 2008 and is a co-author of a Silverlight book. I’m always excited to work with these guys – great senses of humor and just great to work with overall. Our bios are included with the event description on the Precompiler page.

And just what is the CodeJam? As John best described it:

Come take a look at how you can cross-breed technologies in your application to take advantage of the advantages of each. In this all-day lab we will be demonstrating an end-to-end solution using Silverlight, Ruby, Python, Django and MySQL. Experts in each technology will be on hand to show you how we did it and help you create a version of your own. Build a single tier or build it all, it’s up to you.

Showing up ready to build in any of these technologies will make the day faster but we can help you install the tools as well. In fact, we will even have a pair of VPCs to provide attendees with the entire source code and trial versions of the dev environments so you can just show up, load up and code.

We’ll have VMware images of a Linux environment and a Windows environment, so that if you want to develop in an environment other than your own, the VMs will work. These virtual machines can be run through the VMware Player.

Come on out to the CodeJam and see what it’s about!

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