CG’s CodeMash Countdown: Javascript

My first post in 2009 is a continuation of the CodeMash countdown, resuming with languages. Today’s language is one that I’ve had a love/hate affair with for many years. It was only with AJAX that I really started to have a change of heart and started writing in it more. However, I still design my public sites at work for users who may have Javascript disabled.

Without further ado, here’s Javascript…

Language: Javascript
Website: ECMA 262 Standards

A Little About Javascript

Once upon a time, there was a company called Netscape. They wanted to introduce a scripting language to their browser to make web pages interactive. Enter Livescript, the first implementation of this language. Shortly after Java came out, Netscape renamed their Livescript language to Javascript.

To compete with Netscape, Internet Explorer came out with its own scripting languages – vbscript and JScript. However, Netscape had a huge following, and IE’s JScript grew closer and closer to Netscape’s Javascript.

Javascript is currently a standardized language, maintained by ECMA. Although they renamed the language to ECMAScript, most developers continue to call it by its familiar name of Javascript.

Where will this be seen at CodeMash?

Javascript and its many forms will be seen at the following presentations:

  • Introducing Prototype and Scriptaculous, presented by Leon Gersing
  • Improving Web Application Performance and Scalability, presented by Steve Smith
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth, Now in 3D , presented by Aydin Akcasu (possibly)

Where can I learn more about Javascript?

Some good resources I’ve come across include:

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