CG’s CodeMash Countdown: Python, Jython, and IronPython

Last year, I wanted to learn another programming language. A part of me wanted to learn Ruby, since the cool kids were all doing it. But at the same time, I wanted to be different. One of my friends recommended that I look at python. When I saw that there was a .NET implementation, I decided to explore IronPython. Since about March of 2008, I’ve been reading up on IronPython and presenting on it a little in the area.

This year, I hope to get my IronPython resources section together here on and blog about it a bit more. I will be talking about IronPython at CodeMash, PyCon, and quite possibly PyOhio. If other people want to hear me talk on it, just send me an email at sarah at codinggeekette dot com.

While looking at the session list, I noticed that there’s a python implementation that’s written in Java – Jython.

So today’s languages are python, its Java implementation, and its .NET implementation.

Language: Python
Website: Python Programming Language — Official Site

Language: Jython
Website: The Jython Project

Language: IronPython
Website: IronPython

Where will these be seen at CodeMash?


  • Precompiler Event CodeMash Code Jam
  • Python Data Visualization and Imaging, presented by Zach Steindler


  • JVM scripting with Jython, presented by Mark Ramm


  • Pumping Iron into Python: Intro to FePy, presented by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Where can I learn more about these languages?

For Python, check out The Python Tutorial, Dive Into Python, and Useless Python

For Jython, check out the Jython User Guide.

For IronPython, the places I tend to look the most are DevHawk’s blog, The IronPython Cookbook, and Michael Foord’s blog.

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