CG’s CodeMash Countdown: Open Spaces

Today’s countdown feature is the event known as Open Spaces.

While looking at the CodeMash schedule, you may find yourself not interested in any of the topics in a particular time slot. If you find yourself in that position, I’d recommend you check out Open Spaces and see what’s going on there.

What are Open Spaces?

As noted in the Heartland Open Spaces wiki:

“The open-space meeting or open space meeting is a generic term describing a wide variety of different styles of meeting in which participants define the agenda with a relatively rigorous process, and may adjust it as the meeting proceeds. A large meeting of this sort is called an open space conference or unconference.”

– From

What can I expect?

Go with an open mind and some ideas, and come out enlightened. Although topics aren’t decided until the conference itself (based on whatever participants propose), you may have ideas that you want to talk about. Propose a topic, post it on the open spaces board, and show up at the time you plan on talking. Or if someone else proposes a topic you’re interested in talking about, check out their session.

Open Spaces board from devLink 2008

Open Spaces topics may include talks on technologies, tools, methodologies, and everything else under the sun. Check out the Open Spaces area for more details.

If you are neither learning nor contributing in a session you are required to get up and leave and join another session in progress where you feel you’ll be more useful and inspired. – the Law of Two Feet

Who is running Open Spaces at CodeMash?

According to @codemash on Twitter, the Open Spaces at CodeMash are being coordinated by Corey Haines, Steven Harman, and Alan Stevens.

Alan was the awesome facilitator for the Open Spaces at devLink 2008, where the Open Spaces board from above was used. I expect that the Open Spaces at CodeMash will rock just as much – so definitely check them out!

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