CG’s CodeMash Adventures: Morning of Day 0

As I check out Is it CodeMash yet?, I see that the day has finally come. Yesterday, when I arrived at the Kalahari Conference Center, I was totally at a loss for words. This place is larger than life, simply amazing. I have had many people tell me about the awesomeness of CodeMash, and I think I’ll see why they said all that they did.

Last night, I met some of the guys that Joe Fiorini talks about on Twitter. I also met some of the people who follow me on Twitter. It was great to meet the guys last night, and I look forward to meeting more people today. I’m not good at the initial face and name recognition, so please don’t be offended if I don’t say hi right away – come by and introduce yourself!

I will be hanging out at the CodeJam for a bit of the day. So if you’re attending the Precompiler, come to the Indigo room and hack with us there!

Later tonight, there’ll be a Panel Discussion and the .NET Rocks! Show with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, so if you’re arriving later, check that out.

This is my first CodeMash, and I’m definitely looking forward to see what’s in store. I hope to blog throughout the event, and I will be taking pictures as well. So for pictures, keep an eye on my CodeMash 2009 Flickr stream.

Hope to see some of you out here!

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