Coding Geekette’s Goals for 2009

I was catching up on RSS feeds when I noticed that I was tagged to write another post. So you guys can thank Jeff for getting me to post some of my goals for 2009.

Grow Cleveland Tech Events.

This was a site that I launched in October, and I’m hoping to get it to take off in 2009. The more I get involved in the Cleveland technical community, the more people I talk to, the more publicity this site gets. Not familiar with it yet? Check out the website or follow @clevtechevents on Twitter.

Give more presentations.

It all started at Cleveland Day of .NET 2008, and I’m slowly making my rounds on SQL 2008 and IronPython, separately. I’m hoping to add a Mono presentation to the mix. A list of my current presentations can be seen here. My general focuses in 2009 will be on databases, social networking, and web development. I have a goal of 12 presentations, but I plan on exceeding that.

Talk more about IronPython.

I started tinkering with this language for fun in 2008, and I hope to get a bit more serious about it in 2009. I’ve already presented on it at CodeMash. I’m scheduled to speak about it at PyCon. It’s also been suggested that I possibly present on IronPython at PyOhio. The more people tell me they want to hear about it, the more likely I’ll have awesome demos and a lot more energy in my presentations. If you want to hear me speak on IronPython, email me at sarah at codinggeekette dot com.

Grow this blog.

Almost a year ago, I started blogging here, starting my first technical blog. Over 100 posts later, my post count and RSS subscriber count are at about a 1:1 ratio. This year, I would like to gain more readers. In order to do that, I hope to have more posts with code and interesting examples. There isn’t a concrete goal yet, but give me a few days and I’ll come back and edit that in here.

Breathe easier.

After a year of unknown health problems, I finally got a diagnosis. So in 2009, my goal is to get better control of my disease and hopefully start breathing easier. With the help of specialists and hopefully rehab, this can happen.

Calling out others…

Just as Jeff did, I am calling out some others to post their goals for 2009:

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