The PyCon 2009 team has posted the talks. It looks like they have a little something for everyone.

I will be speaking at PyCon on IronPython (#12 in the talk list). For those who saw my presentation at CodeMash, my presentation at PyCon will be a condensed version of the CodeMash talk.

I am interested in seeing the presentations “Making games in Python – Tools and techniques at CCP” and “Stackless python in EVE, pt. 2”, as I’ve been a huge fan of EVE Online. When I’m not blogging or coding, I can be found mining in game, to help my husband and some of our friends in manufacturing items. One of my side projects currently is to help my husband master the game of “playing spreadsheets”. He’s got an Excel spreadsheet with the cost accounting for some of his manufacturing projects in game, but he recently hooked me up with a database dump, from which I was able to create most of his spreadsheet programmatically.

Looking at the talks list, there is one other IronPython presentation, given by Dino Viehland, the lead developer of IronPython at Microsoft. While I will be presenting what IronPython is at the beginner level (what it is, what you need to run it, some neat things with it), he will be presenting some of the internals of the language. He will also be representing IronPython on the Python VMs Panel. So if you are attending PyCon 2009 and are interested in learning more about IronPython, check out our talks – “Pumping Iron into Python: Intro to FePy” and “IronPython Implementation”.

I hope to meet some of you there!

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