This meme has been making its rounds on Facebook, and some of my friends have escalated it to their blogs. So I’m joining them in posting 25 things about me here – and these are not the same 25 from my Facebook list, so if you want to know even more, check there to see what else is up.

01. I can fingerspell when needed and know a handful of words in sign language. The most random time I’ve used it was at Marc’s at Coventry, when I noticed a gentleman sign to another when he came in and then he got in our line but was frustrated it was slow. When I was able to fingerspell that the cashier was getting change, that changed his mood.

02. Part of why I can fingerspell is because the sign language alphabet was in my Girl Scout handbook. I made it through Junior Girl Scouts before our troop dissolved.

03. Another reason why I can fingerspell is because I worked at a summer camp in the city that dealt with a lot of deaf children. It was interesting to learn more sign language and be exposed to the deaf culture.

04. The last of my sign language facts – one of my favorite signs is “cookie”, and I learned that from my cousin Maureen before she died. She had Downs Syndrome and knew how to sign and speak.

05. When it comes to movies, I’m a sucker for musicals – like Chicago, Moulin Rouge, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I’m not a fan of horror films though.

06. I loved reading when I was a kid and had hoped to one day work in the library. However, my current job gets me close enough – working aboard the Digital Bookmobile and programming for OverDrive – a company that deals with eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video.

07. I have a hard time reading technical books cover to cover; I see them more as reference. However, I’m currently reading “IronPython in Action” (with a review to show up in the next week or so) and really finding myself enjoying it.

08. My husband and I have bad luck with finding awesome restaurants – they usually close within a month or two of us finding them. But in a weird twist of fate, one of the restaurants we had liked got bought out by someone who wants to do technical events at the location. So here’s a shoutout to LeanDog at their home, the former Hornblowers restaurant.

09. I can count to ten in a handful of languages – including English, Spanish, French, German, Gaelic, and Swahili – thanks to a day of boredom and playing with Encarta on my parents’ computer back when I was a kid.

10. I learned the term “lapidary” (related to jewelry making) from playing “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” – I loved that game!

11. I learned the term “philately” (stamp collecting) from the Plain Dealer Spelling Bee when I was a kid. After beating the boy I had a crush on in the 1st grade class spelling bee, I had dreams of representing my school at the Plain Dealer Spelling Bee. In 5th grade, I got to go watch it. In the 7th and 8th grades, I represented my school.

12. Going hand in hand with spelling, I also can get picky when it comes to grammar. I did get to put that to work while in college, serving as the Special Editor for Reviews for ACM Crossroads.

13. If I ever get out of programming, I’d like to go to pastry school or get into teaching.

14. Some of my friends have tried getting me to watch anime, but the only series that I’ve watched in its entirety is an anime series on epic bread making – Yakitate!! Japan.

15. I’ve been friends with one of my groups of friends for almost 10 years – we met online while posting on Asheron’s Call messageboards and eventually took it offline. Although we’re spread mostly between Ohio and Michigan, we still get together for quarterly LAN parties.

16. Although we met in person from having classes together in high school, my husband and I spent a lot of time getting to know each other while talking over ICQ.

17. Although I’m terrified of open air heights, I have done some working with Habitat for Humanity and had an awesome project manager who talked me into hanging siding while on a roof. Talk about having to swallow my fears and just do it!

18. That same awesome project manager in #17 spray painted fighting words on a guy’s garage so that our demolition team (which I got to be a part of) had encouragement. Tearing down a brick garage with sledge hammers while wearing hard hats was a lot of fun! This is how my love for sledge hammers came around.

19. Sticking with Habitat for Humanity, one of my favorite projects – besides the demolition crew – was working with the masons and building the foundation of a house. We had the foundation up and had to build “stairs” out of cinder blocks to get out of there.

20. While my friends talk of Commodore 64s and TRS-80s, I got into it late with my parents’ Compaq Presario (a 486 computer). That computer would follow me on to college and was put to rest sometime between 2000 and 2002.

21. I’ve always been a leader – be it being the oldest of 4 kids, being the oldest of 10 grandkids, serving on councils, representing groups and schools at conferences, leading the college chapter of a professional organization, and managing a tech support team less than a year out of college.

22. As much as the song annoys me, I truly believe that it’s a small world after all.

23. One of my favorite authors when I was a kid was Dr. Seuss, and I bought a few of his books in Chinese to help me learn how to read the language.

24. When I visit my brother down in Columbus, I make sure to stop for bubble tea, since it’s easier to find down there. Iced tea with tapioca pearls (no, not the pudding… just the pearls)… and no jellies for me.

25. Every now and then, I look back to a business plan writing competition that my husband and I entered back in college and wonder if we’ll get into forming a business of our own. We took 2nd in the competition for an Internet cafe plan, and looking back on it, I think there’s potential to have our own business one day.

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