Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Yesterday, I realized that my upcoming speaking schedule is going to be fun – 3 talks on 3 different topics in 3 different states in less than 1 month. So… where am I when and what am I talking about?

PyCon 2009

Talk 1: PyCon, Chicago, Illinois. Sunday, March 29, 2009. “Pumping Iron into Python: Intro to FePy”

I have to thank Catherine Devlin for suggesting that I submit something to PyCon. I will be giving a mostly abridged version of my talk from CodeMash. However, unlike my demos at Codemash, I plan on showing IronPython in both a Windows environment and in Mono. I can tell you it’s a combination of my CodeMash slide deck and my original IronPython talk that I gave last May. I should have my slide deck on the PyCon website later this week for those who are interested.

Note: Although I say this in the abstract: “This session will introduce the open source .NET implementation of Python known as IronPython without using Windows.”, I’ve been asked by some Windows Python programmers to show Windows examples as well. So I will have both on hand. However, I plan on showing most of the demos with the ipy console on my Ubuntu VM.

Central Ohio Day of .NET

Talk 2: Central Ohio Day of .NET, Wilmington, Ohio. Saturday, April 18, 2009. “Intro to the New Data Types in SQL 2008”

What originally started out as a presentation for my local SQL SIG – the Ohio North SQL SIG – has evolved into a Day of .NET talk. It debuted in September 2008. At the suggestion of Chris “Woody” Woodruff, I added FILESTREAM to my presentation in time for Ann Arbor Day of .NET last October. At Central Ohio Day of .NET, I will be presenting this talk – complete with revamped examples of hierarchyid and FILESTREAM.

Kalamazoo X Conference

Talk 3: Kalamazoo X Conference, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Saturday, April 25, 2009. “Social Networking for Developers Geeks”

When I first heard about this conference late last year, I was intrigued. My buddy Mike blogged about the X Conference, and I’d recommend checking it out. I won’t be showing any code, but I will be showing social networking profiles and some tips and tricks behind it. In an economy where companies are more prone to layoffs than to hiring new people, it helps to have a social network to find possible job leads and to possibly establish relationships and maybe form companies of your own. It also helps to network with others to bounce ideas and questions off of each other and even just to hang out. But we geeks aren’t known to be social. So leave it to me to show a bunch of geeks how to get out there and how to get the best experience out of each tool.

I’m looking forward to giving these talks – they should be a lot of fun! I hope to see some of you there!

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