Things I’m Looking to do at PyCon

As I’m finishing up my slides and looking at my “Search:pyohio” column on TweetDeck, I’m reminded of the many things I hope to accomplish while at PyCon.

Goal #1: Present at PyCon.

On Sunday, I will be giving my talk on IronPython. My timeline is slightly skewed from what I had anticipated, but that’s because I’ve got more slides and a better VM to work with. I had a couple questions come up that I’ve included this time around. So if you’re at PyCon and want to hear what I have to say on IronPython, I’m speaking in Ballroom D at 10:00am (Chicago time, that’s 11:00am EDT).

Goal #2: Meet some of the IronPython people.

While we’re all spread throughout the world, there are other IronPython people out there that will be at PyCon. I’ve followed them on Twitter for awhile, and I’m hoping I get to finally meet them while at the event. If you see me there, feel free to yell “Hey, sadukie!” and I’ll most likely respond.

Goal #3: Meet with the PyOhio team.

PyCon is the national event, but PyOhio is the statewide python mini-conference. It’s held usually at the end of July down in Columbus. I want to meet them and help where I can, and it’ll be good to carry the IronPython torch for them as well. It does seem a little odd, though, that we have to leave our state to meet, but hey, whatever works!

Goal #4: Check out the Stackless python presentation by CCP.

Of all the presentations out there, I really want to see this one, as I’ve been an EVE Online player for awhile now. I’m typically mining or building things, and I’ve also had the joys of rooting for my alliance (Manifest Destiny) in the alliance tournaments. But having experienced the update as user is one thing – I’m very curious to see what this will be like from a developer’s standpoint.


I’m leaving later this week, and I look forward to arriving in time for the talks on Friday. Hope to see some of you there!

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