Upcoming Events I’m Looking Forward To (Part 1)

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve updated my blog badges for some of the upcoming events. However, there are also other events going on that I will not be attending due to other commitments, but I want to get the word out about them as well. So what’s happening over the next few months? (Note: There are a lot of events going on, so I am splitting this into two posts.)

Central Ohio Day of .NET (April 18, 2009)

The Day of .NET season opens this year with Central Ohio Day of .NET, down in Wilmington, OH. For those of you not familiar with a Day of .NET, it’s typically a day-long event covering various topics that would interest .NET developers and those getting started with .NET.

This year’s topics include Lean with Kanban, CSS, XAML, SQL 2008, Powershell, object-oriented programming, patterns, Javascript, WPF, dependency injection, testing, Ruby and Rails for the .NET developer, Office development, and Sharepoint.

I will be giving my “Intro to the New Data Types in SQL 2008” talk.

For more information on Central Ohio Day of .NET, check out their site at: http://www.cinnug.org/cododn.

Kalamazoo X Conference (April 25, 2009)

As developers, we tend to go to conferences to learn about new technologies and languages – like Silverlight, MVC, WPF, and F#. But there’s more to being a developer besides writing programs, and most developers tend to forget this.

My friends up in Kalamazoo have put together a conference called the Kalamazoo X Conference that address these other things tha we forget as a developer. There is a track for Soft Skills – including branding, measured innoveation, social networking, and the famous Soft Skills talk. Another track focuses on architecture/design/process – including unit testing, Kanban and Lean, patterns, and how to improve your development process. One of the things I get asked about by some of my colleagues is how to improve their UI and UX, and yes, these guys included a track for UX/design – which includes the process of designing, the art of simplicity, and tips for improving UX. Finally, there’s the career development track – including change, organizational dynamics, effective customer communication, and leadership 101.

So take a break from the languages and techniques, and come out and see these other skills that we need to have and hone as developers.

I will be giving the talk on social networking and how to use the various sites effectively.

For more information on the Kalamazoo X Conference, check out their site at: http://www.kalamazoox.org/.

Stir Trek (May 8, 2009)

A few of my friends had the opportunity to attend MIX09, and now they’re bringing the MIX content to our region. Some things that are getting covered include Silverlight 3, ASP.NET 4.0, Internet Explorer 8, Azure, SketchFlow, and WPF 4. Topics are being covered by both nationally-known and regionally-known speakers (including Tim Heuer, Matt Casto, Michael Eaton, Brian Prince, and Steve Smith).

For $25, you get MIX09 content, lunch, a raffle, and a private screening of the new Star Trek movie that opens on May 8. Need to convince your employer to give you the day off? It’s a shorter period than MIX, cheaper than MIX, and you’ll come back with a look at some of the new technologies that you can use to get ahead of the competition.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up at: http://www.stirtrek.com/

Ignite Cleveland (May 16, 2009)

The challenge – 20 slides, automatically advancing at 15 seconds each, giving you a total of 5 minutes to get your point across. Are you up to the challenge?

I took the challenge at the inaugural event this past February, and I delivered my “Marketing Your Event Online” pitch. Other talks given included “How to Winterize Your Business”, “5 Steps to a Personal Brand”, and “Things We Should Do For Our Clients (Even Though We Aren’t Getting Paid for Them)”.

Once again, Andrew Kavanaugh and Jon Stahl are putting this event together, and it’ll be held at LeanDog. After seeing the success of the inaugural event, I have high hopes for this next event. If I didn’t have prior commitments, I would definitely be at Ignite Cleveland 2. So what are you waiting for? Got a talk idea? Or maybe not brave enough to talk but want to purchase a ticket and attend? Check out their site for more information at: http://ignitecle.com/.

These are just some of the events that I’m looking forward to in the next couple months. Stay tuned for the next post, where I cover a few more events that are happening this summer!

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