Upcoming Presentations – Summer Edition

It’s summer, a time for hanging out with family and friends, a time to relax, right? As much as I wanted to take a break and relax, my schedule is keeping me busy, with at least 4 talks planned. So… what’s going on?

  • Cleveland C#/VB.NET SIG
    Python 101 for the .NET Developer

    The first part of this meeting will cover the basics of Python – its history, how its data structures compare to those we’re familiar with in the primary .NET languages, its strong and weak points, who’s using it, and why you as a developer – both generally speaking and as a .NET developer – should care about Python. The second part of this talk will get into the demos – starting with some basic Python scripts and getting into IronPython scripts, if time allows. By the end of this talk, you’ll have an idea of what Python is, why you should know it as a developer and specifically as a .NET developer, and how to get setup and write a basic app in both Python and IronPython.

  • PyOhio 2009

    Pumping Iron into Python: Intro to FePy
    As python grows in popularity, IronPython has started making more waves. What is IronPython and why should regular python programmers be familiar with it? This session will introduce the open source .NET implementation of python known as IronPython without using Windows. Come see FePy (IronPython community edition) in action via Mono — a cross-platform open source implementation of the .NET framework.

    Show & Tell: IronPython Edition
    In this session, you will hear about IronPython and what is needed to work with this .NET implementation of the python language. This session will show the power of IronPython in a Windows environment. There will be many demos of how IronPython can be used – including some WPF, XNA, Silverlight, COM Interop, database interaction, and other neat features.

  • devLink

    Going Cross-Platform with C#
    Running Windows forms apps in a non-Windows environment? As absurd as it sounds, it can be done. This session will show how to work with Mono and MonoDevelop to get your Windows apps to be cross-platform.

Hope to see you at one of my talks this summer!

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