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It’s been quiet here, and I apologize for being so quiet. I’ve been quite busy here – getting ready for the
On July 1st, I joined the freshmen class of Microsoft MVPs. I’ve held off on announcing this until I could get
my MVP Profile listed. So now, the Cleveland area has a new Microsoft MVP in Visual C#, joining the other MVPs that I know of in the area – including Brendan Enrick (ASP.NET), Nate Kohari, Michael Letterle (Visual C#), Deepak Puri (SQL), Steve Smith (ASP.NET), and Allen White (SQL). Congrats to the leader of the 2008 Cleveland Day of .NET – John Stockton – on getting recognized as a MVP in Silverlight.

I want to thank all who’ve given me the opportunity to get involved, exchange knowledge, and put my love for technology to work. It’s been a lot of fun getting involved with the various developer communities out there. From the quiet girl at one .NET user group to an introduction to the .NET community and a gentle push in the right direction, it’s been an interesting journey. Thanks to Jeff Blankenburg for that initial push. Special thanks to my husband Kevin for being so supportive of me in my various endeavors. Even if he isn’t at an event with me, he still knows what I’m up to and texts/emails/calls me to wish me luck. I wouldn’t be so active in the community if I didn’t have his support. I look forward to continuing my activities within the community and hope to see you at some of the events.

Speaking of upcoming events… here’s what’s coming up:

  • Columbus GiveCamp / Ann Arbor GiveCamp – July 17 – 19 : I will be at the Columbus site, but I have to get the word out about Ann Arbor as well, as they were a fun crew to work with last summer.
  • PyOhio – July 25-26
  • Lansing Day of .NET – August 1: Although I have other commitments, I want to get the word out about this, as the Lansing crew is known for having a great event. If you have the time and are willing to travel, I’d recommend you check it out.
  • devLink – August 13-15

Check out their sites, and sign up for an event today! Hope to see you in the community!

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