Blogger Labels SUX – Looking for Recommendations

As many of you know, I currently use Blogger with ASP.NET master pages for this site. It was great in my early days, but I’ve blogged a lot since my first post, and it takes awhile for me to upload changes. One of the downfalls to using Blogger is that it republishes ALL label pages whenever I update a post or add a new post. And with this blog growing, I realize that a blog setup like this for a blogger like me would lead to a special appearance in my Sarah on User eXperience (SUX) series.

Of course, that’s what I get for using a blog engine that renders the posts as individual files and doesn’t render posts from a database. Being the developer that I am, I am well aware of my trade-offs, and I think I’ve finally outgrown this setup.

I am a huge fan of WordPress, as that’s what I use on my personal blog site and a few other sites that I run. However, I don’t have that option for this blog. I want to stay on my Windows-based host for my Windows-based samples. So… what do you recommend for .NET-based blog engines? Are there any out there that have basic blogging features (add/edit posts, maintain RSS feeds, accept comments, layouts/themes) that are fairly easy to set up?

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