Appending to the Zune + Audiobooks = SUX series

Note: This is just a complaint on an incomplete feature that happens to apply also to the Zune HD. I will blog separately on the Zune HD experience as a whole after spending a week or so with it. Here’s hoping the overall experience is as awesome as the video clarity!

So I’ve recently gotten a Zune HD (as in the UPS guy dropped it off today). One of the first things I had to check was the Zune HD interface to see if it was any better for audiobooks.

Obviously, they don’t design Zunes with audiobooks in mind. Or if they do, the testers have been sleeping on that feature since the Zune 3.0 release.

Honestly, it kills me to see that they took the time to add the feature in the Zune 3.0 software but they didn’t put in a fully-managed audiobook system. You can easily transfer audiobooks through a 3rd party step-by-step wizard to the device, and they appear in an “audiobooks” list on the device. But there’s no simple way to delete the files. It’s nice to listen to audiobooks on a Zune device, but it’s a lot of work to clear off audiobooks from the device. (Yes, the Zune HD needs to go through the same non-intuitive process that I’ve linked to in the past Zune + Audiobooks = SUX posts.)

Maybe the Zune will come around with a fully-managed audiobook system in Zune 5.0? I won’t hold my breath. But as a friend once said, audiobooks are the Achilles heel of the Zunes – and it still holds true, even with the Zune HD.


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