With a couple Windows 7 events coming up in the next few days — the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group meeting tomorrow morning and Microsoft’s “The New Efficiency” launch event on Monday — I’m getting even more psyched about it.

I’ve been running it as my primary operating system since beta, in the middle of January. I’ve got the 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate install on my laptop and the 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate install on my netbook thanks to my MSDN subscription. We also have another laptop and netbook here that also have Windows 7. We’re definitely a Windows 7 house!

But the things that really have me amused (for lack of a better term) are the Windows 7 commercials.  What happens when you put a cute little Asian girl plus the A Team theme song together?  This is my favorite Windows 7 commercial, just because the use of the A Team theme song cracks me up.  Check this out:

So I’m sure you’ve seen other ones out there. Tell me… what’s your favorite Windows 7 commercial?

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