Zune HD + Audiobooks = Improved!

Disclaimer: Although I work for a company that deals with audiobooks, these thoughts, comments, complaints, and affirmations are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer.

While I was listening to some of my audiobooks on my Zune HD at work today, I noticed that something changed (or that for as much complaining as I do about this, no one ever pointed it out to me).

So let’s say you have some audiobooks on your Zune HD.

1. Turn on your Zune HD.
2. Touch “audiobooks”.
3. Press one of the titles to bring up the “Pin to Quickplay” menu.

Do you see it? What’s that option underneath it? Is it really… a Delete option?

I couldn’t believe that I was seeing it. But I upgraded my Zune HD’s firmware over the weekend, so maybe it’s one of the cool new features in the new firmware.

Thankfully, I had an audiobook that I needed to delete. So here’s what I did…

1. Start up OverDrive Media Console.
2. Start the transfer wizard to get into the Advanced Options and Browse the files.
3. Verify that there are files for that audiobook on the Zune HD.
4. On the device, get to the “audiobooks” list.
5. Bring up the menu I mentioned above and press Delete.
6. Confirm the delete.
7. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
8. Verify that those files are no longer there.

Finally… an easy way to delete audiobooks from the Zune HD!

There’s still no option in the software to manage audiobooks, but now we can simply delete them from the device.

Way to go, Zune HD team!


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