Netflix Silverlight App Does Not SUX

Ah yes – I’m back with another edition of the SUX (Sarah on User eXperience) series. This time, I’m singing the praises of the Netflix Silverlight app.

Recently, I had the house to myself and a day to rest. So I had the idea of playing World of Warcraft while watching movies over Netflix.

The laptop: ASUS G1

The Internet connection: Time Warner cable

A part of me thought this would be a flop and that I’d have to choose between the movie and the game. I had anticipated that streaming a movie would bog down my connection, making it impossible for me to run through the Blasted Lands – maybe more like grinding and then eventually lagging across the continent but not smoothly running through. However, I had forgotten about an awesome feature with the Netflix Silverlight app – it detects the current bandwidth and changes the streaming based on the bandwidth available. It was glorious to play World of Warcraft and watch movies and TV shows at the same time. The best part – the app didn’t have to recalculate for bandwidth issues until my husband came home and logged in. Even then, it did its recalculation and resumed my Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode right where I left off. So it was steady Netflix streaming and gaming all day. The Netflix Silverlight app does not SUX – it ROCKS!

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